“****! The Ghosts of Edendale should be 
on the must-own list of Hollywood ghost-
hounds everywhere!”
            Brian McKay, EFilmCritic.com  
Ghosts is the scariest indie horror 
movie I’ve ever seen and in many ways,
stands up to the best in the genre.”
                                  The Cold Spot
what horror movies should be.”
Philadelphia Inquirer
“The malingering spirits of silent -movie 
‘days gone by’ seep like waterstains
from the walls.
          Stephen Bissette (N.E. Buyers Group) 
“Unusually vivid and imaginative! 
Good, dark fun!”
Film Threat
“A supernatural stunner… what 
The Shining
did for writer’s block
and Rosemary’s Baby did for
expectant mothers…”
                              The Morning Call  
“A spook story steeped in the legends 
of Hollywoodland!”
                      Resonance Magazine  
Ghosts takes the fear of not belonging 
to a whole new level.”
                        The Trenton Times
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Mixville II Productions presents a stefan avalos film, Stephen Wastell, Paula Ficara, Andrew Quintero, Louis Pepe, Keith Fulton

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Copyright 2004 Mixville II Productions
A Lightyear Entertainment Release
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and Canada by Warner Brothers
MPAA RATED R for LANGUAGE - fuck is said 8 times